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The Exceptional Value of a JIU Education

Today's working professional will have 10-14 jobs by the time they are 38. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

As the first fully online institution in the U.S. to receive regional accreditation, Jones International University® (JIU®) has set the standard in quality online learning. We make it simple to earn a degree, even while working a full-time career and balancing life's biggest commitments. It's a comprehensive approach to career advancement that we call the Corporate Advancement Program (CAP)—the smart way to make sure the knowledge you gain can be immediately applied to your success as a working professional.

For many people, an investment in today's higher education system doesn't do a satisfactory job of giving them the skills they'll need to succeed in tomorrow's workplace. The only significant change seen in the higher education industry is how expensive it's becoming. In fact, higher education costs are growing faster than the income of the average American family.

If you're going to spend a larger amount of your disposable income to earn a higher degree, why not make sure the knowledge you gain is relevant and can be immediately applied to your success as a working professional? At Jones International University®, you can graduate with a degree, but more importantly... you will graduate with capability [for which employers are looking].


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At JIU, you learn it today and use it tomorrow. In so many instances, I found this was indeed the case. I was able to apply course concepts directly to what I was doing in my job.
Corporate Advancement Program
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